Description : Quality Measures and Functional Analyst  (80239) 

Job Description


  • Development of advanced quality measures
  • Supporting algorithm development
  • Developing models and methods for characterizing system challenges
  • Planning and implementation of samples, data processing , and statistical inference
  • Management and prioritization of daily tasks
  • Integration of information from different departments in the company
  • Involvement in the decision-making process at critical stages


  • Bachelor's degree in Exact Sciences or Engineering or a significant background in data analysis - Must
  • Basic knowledge of programming - Must
  • Fluent English - Must
  • Experience in data processing and designing tests - Advantage
  • Strong analytical capabilities
  • Basic knowledge in: descriptive statistics, probability, and statistical inference - Advantage
  • Broad vision and a systematic approach
  • Thoroughness and attention to details
  • Independence, ability to learn new material quickly
  • Desire and passion for success
Location  Jerusalem
Published On  06/07/2017