Description : Windows Device Driver Software Developer  (78456) 

Job Description

The developer's responsibilities will include design, implementation, testing and integration of:

  • Drivers for custom FPGA-based grabbing card on Windows platforms
  • Efficient grabbing of multiple high-speed and high bandwidth cameras
  • Recording and compression of multiple video streams

General Qualifications:

  • Computer Science B.Sc. degree or equivalent practical experience.

  • At least 2 years of Windows driver development of complex devices; using KMDF framework is a must, including acquaintance with DMA concepts

  • Excellent C/C++ programming skills.

  • Proven experience with solving driver related issues, including: threading, memory management, interrupt handling, HW interactions, OS interactions, etc.

  • Experience in troubleshooting, performance analysis, and performance optimization for device drivers.

  • Clean and scalable SW design and implementation.

  • Effective interpersonal, teamwork, and verbal/written communication skills.

  • Working with video grabbing hardware - Advantage

  • Knowledge of image or video compression - Advantage

  • Fluent English and Hebrew

Location  Jerusalem
Published On  07/06/2017