Algorithm and Machine Learning developer

Jerusalem, Israel
Full time

The position

Which department will you join?
A leading algorithms group in Mobileye is looking for full time algorithm developers to take part in shaping the future of driving.
Autonomous driving applications require sensing capabilities in the highest resolution possible. Accurate Image semantic and instance segmentation capabilities provide the fine grain understanding of a driving scene and can be further structured into higher level signals and applications (object detection, ''FreeSpace” of the road, lanes segmentation, and countless others).
The task of building up these capabilities goes through obtaining a massive amount of accurate, diverse, and multi-layered labels, which is practically infeasible using human annotation methods.
We tackle this challenge at Mobileye with an algorithmic approach, creating automatically annotated data using various algorithms, including image processing, classic machine vision, machine and deep learning, bundle adjustment, etc.'.
The scope of our algorithmic activity varies between a focused inspection of small and accurate amounts of data, where meaningful insights can be derived using sophisticated algorithms, through the challenges of handling very large datasets where efficiency and data centric approach is required, and gaining insights where accurately labeled data is not available, transforming it to accurate labels, using classical methods or ML methods (e.g Self and Semi Supervised learning).
How your job will look like?
We're aiming to solve extra difficult problems and raise the bar for what autonomous vehicles are capable to do and keep advancing at an increasing pace to beat all our competitors. For that we need you, come and join us!

All you need is:

  • Availability for full-time position, BSc in Computer Science/Engineering or in close fields.
  • Familiarity with: ML, DL, C++, Python, Shell scripting - Advantage
  • Degree from familiar university - Advantage
  • Relevant work experience - Advantage
Mobileye changes the way we drive, from preventing accidents to semi and fully autonomous vehicles. If you are an excellent, bright, hands-on person with a passion to make a difference come to lead the revolution!