Experienced C++ Software Engineer

Haifa, Israel
Full time

The position

Mobileye is the world leader in automotive and driving assistance systems, developing the world's most advanced software technologies and hardware architectures.

Our group is located in Haifa and is responsible for enabling deep learning and computer vision algorithms on the Mobileye platform.
We develop the software architecture system and tools to enable state-of-the-art algorithms to run efficiently in vehicles – contributing to saving lives and enabling autonomous vehicles. 
We use cutting-edge technology stack and design methodologies, to achieve optimized and robust solutions in order to support different customers across the globe.
Check out our technology in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50NPqEla0CQ

What will your job look like?
As a C++ developer, you will join the Mobileye Application team, a new forming team in Haifa. This is an exciting opportunity to write and design an application from scratch!
The car application controls the main execution flow of various software components running of Mobileye chip, in addition it also controls many sensors and manage their inputs, sensors such as camera, lidar, radar, car signals (speed, etc.)
The application combines all the different inputs and feeds them into the different algorithms, in order to create a worldview for the car.
The project is challenging both in its real-time complexity of a system with multiple various sensors and being of part of overall automotive car system architecture.
Doing all of that while working on highly optimized and well-designed software.
The main application is developed in C++ for Linux.

All you need is:

  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science/Software Engineering from a leading university
  • At least 3 years of practical experience with C++
  • Linux experience
  • OOP basics
Mobileye changes the way we drive, from preventing accidents to semi and fully autonomous vehicles. If you are an excellent, bright, hands-on person with a passion to make a difference come to lead the revolution!