High Performance Python

Jerusalem, Israel
Full time

The position

What will you do: 
Optimize and improve performance of code in multiple levels: 
High-level system-level optimizations (DAG, resource allocation policy, technologies Spark level optimizations – how to write the same code in a more efficient way 
Python level optimizations 


  • Deep understanding of Python language (5 years)  
  • Experience with Spark / PySpark – a big advantage 
  • Working with S3 at scale (many concurrent reads and writes) – advantage 
  • Optimization experience (methodology and battle experience) 

All you need is:

  • Performance-oriented (likes optimization, analytic thinking) 
  • Ability to understand algorithms  
  • Low level code understanding (how things work in terms of memory / cpu / processes / threads / cache) 
  • Debugging capabilities 
  • Comfortable getting into other people’s code 
  • moving from symptoms to root cause 
  • No-fear attitude (I can understand anything. I am not afraid) 
  • Good people skills (needs to work with others on their code) 
  • Multi-level understanding (big picture <=> low level) 
  • Switching between domains and teams 
  • Understanding the tradeoffs and effects => ability to prioritize 
  • Independent work  
  • Learns on their own 
  • Initiates improvements 
  • Is able to work independently without losing focus (while still ask for assistance when getting stuck) 
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