Mapping Data Annotator

Beijing, China
Data Labeling
Full time

The position

At Mobileye, we foster a hybrid-friendly environment, combining work from office and home.

About Mobileye Data Annotation (Perfects) department High-quality labeled datasets for supervised and semi-supervised machine learning algorithms are required for training, testing, benchmarking, research, and exploration of the algorithms. As those are usually difficult and expensive to produce because of the large amount of time needed to label the data, and with the fact that the source of the datasets is captured by proprietary Mobileye cameras and fusion sensors, we built and perfect a process and an operation to deploy, annotate, label, and then manage and consume large volumes of big data.   
Perfects Department Goals: The role of the Data Annotation department is to provide annotated images, videos, and maps for the Algorithms and Validation teams as well as tier1 (car manufacturers and makers) according to the client’s requirements The labeling work is done by Mobileye workers within the OEM\car manufacturer\mapping service provider partner facilities, as well as in Mobileye local offices in a hybrid mode under the supervisions of in-house, local staff To increase productivity, streamline the work and gain focus, the department is divided into technologies. Each one is specified and specializes in a specific area like vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs, traffic lights, visual road marks, drivable paths, crosswalks, visual landmarks, etc. The department owns the whole process. Starting from understanding the customer needs, compiling set of rules, building the process, procedure, and methodology, deploying the task, monitoring the process, striving to improve quality and productivity, providing coherency, reliably and up-to-date status, and report outs to stakeholders and retrospective.

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What will your job look like:

  • You will perform the critical role of searching for, compiling, and curating high-definition mapping datasets and review those datasets to identify certain errors in objects, actions, and activities labeled in the scene. 
  • The annotated data that you review is used for a variety of core business purposes and is a key to Mobileye success.

All you need is:

  • Must be an English speaker (read and write) 
  • Bachelor's degree holder/College graduate – Advantage, but not must have 
  • Ability to understand high-level inductions and implement them systematically to achieve a goal 
  • Good time management skills; ability to work effectively without direct supervision 
  • Computer literate 
  • Keen to details, with high analytical skills with a high level of comprehension 
  • Accurate, quality-driven and attention to details 
  • Reliable, committed and motivated 
  • Willing to provide great data to a great team! 
Our offices are located in Raycom Infotech Park A, No.2 KeXueYuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing but we foster a hybrid-friendly environment, combining work from ECARX, out partner, which is located at Pohang Center, 13, District 4, Wangjing East Park, Chaoyang District.

Mobileye changes the way we drive, from preventing accidents to semi and fully autonomous vehicles. If you are an excellent, bright, hands-on person with a passion to make a difference come to lead the revolution!